0.00000017: John Cantrell, Sensei

0.00000017: John Cantrell, Sensei

Changing the Tide

John Cantrell is a software engineer and entrepreneur who has been studying Bitcoin for close to a decade. His technology lab L2 recently announced "Sensei." Built on the Bitcoin and Lightning Development Kits, it is a "lightning node implementation focused on making Bitcoin accessible to the entire world."

John is Changing the Tide by focusing on software and services that will accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin worldwide. Sensei does this by allowing a "parent node" to spin up "child nodes" that can eventually become "Senseis" themselves. This should reduce frictions that might arise when starting a node, like liquidity issues and high bandwidth requirements for on-chain monitoring and network graph maintenance.

Links: ​
John's Twitter handle: @JohnCantrell97
John's Thread of Threads on Bitcoin + Lightning: twitter.com/JohnCantrell97/status/1488218859521949703?s=20&t=kKsQiX9F20Ay_qWCg3WmCQ
L2's website: l2.technology

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