047- Update your priors ft. Tyler Campbell

047- Update your priors ft. Tyler Campbell

Talking In Bits

In episode 47 we're back at it:

-Reminder to own keys. Make it a New Years’ resolution if you have to.


-If you were wondering how long it would take to remove the bitcoin from Coinbase, someone did the math:


{Tyler questions}

* What’s your Bitcoin story?

* Let’s talk about Multisig 

* What is it?

* Why is it important?

* Why 2of 3?

* Best practices 

* Tips to get started?

*              Your weekly Twitter threads 

*               10x your Bitcoin security 

*               Bitcoin at the holiday dinner table? 

-Bitcoin miners fees are not a tax 


-Mac Jones uses swan to give O line bitcoin

13 pats have bitcoin 

and more...

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