64 - All About Linux w/ The Linux Experiment

64 - All About Linux w/ The Linux Experiment

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Gabriel Custodiet speaks with Nick of The Linux Experiment about all things Linux. They talk about the history of Linux and which distro to pick. They discuss whether LTS is a good idea, whether Linux needs an antivirus, gaming on Linux, and the best way to install programs on Linux Mint. They also discuss Nick’s high-level view of the troubling and restrictive direction that software is moving in.

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→ https://mastodon.social/web/@thelinuxEXP


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0:00 – Introduction
1:24– The Linux epiphany
5:08 – How widely used is Linux?
8:44 – How do Windows and macOS track us?
12:28 – Where to start with Linux distributions?
17:40 – Linux Mint and desktop environments
20:45 – LTS (Long Term Support) a good idea?
22:42 – Does Linux need an antivirus?
24:24 – Linux will inevitably give you hardware problems?
28:16 – Updating with Linux
30:11 – PC gaming on Linux?
32:26 – How do we install programs on Linux Mint?
38:02 – What is a repository?
38:33 – What are Flatpacks and are they the future?
43:30 – What is the Linux Kernel?
46:19 – Should we always update Kernel and version?
47:45 – The demise of Firefox? And the dangers of Chromium.
50:14 – Use popular Linux distro for anonymity?
51:57 – What is “The Everything App” approach to software?
55:15 – The false progress of smart technology
59:24 – Linux resources and final thoughts

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