Getting A Job In Bitcoin w/ Andy & Eric of Bitcoin Talent Co

Getting A Job In Bitcoin w/ Andy & Eric of Bitcoin Talent Co

Bitcoin Rapid-Fire

It's a very common phenomenon that when people get orange-pilled, and begin heading down the 'bitcoin rabbit-hole', they have an increasing desire to shift their job / career to work in bitcoin.  

Additionally, while the bitcoin-only industry is still fairly small, if we are right about it's prospects, there will be a ton of new companies popping up over the coming years (and a ton of growth in existing ones), seeking to fill a huge number of positions with value-aligned hires.  This is where Bitcoin Talent Co comes in. Their goal is to match capable, mission-driven bitcoiners, with companies and positions that can benefit from their talents, and provide them with a means to fulfill their desire to stack sats and contribute to bitcoin.  

Andy and Eric are 2 of the 3 co-founders of this new venture, and asked if I'd be open to having them on for a chat. As I want to see as many good bitcoiners working on/in bitcoin as possible, I though it was a great idea.  



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