Read_589 - Proof of Stake & Stablecoins - Part 2 [Lyn Alden]

Read_589 - Proof of Stake & Stablecoins - Part 2 [Lyn Alden]

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“Crypto exchanges with numerous coins have an incentive to get you excited about new coins, because they make money from trading volumes. Even if it’s just meme-coins like Doge or Shiba Inu with briefly-lived spikes, they want to get you in on the action, especially near the top of the spike when enthusiasm is high. Their financial incentive is for their users to hold a large number of coins, and trade those coins frequently, and are happy to highlight whatever coins happen to be popular at the moment. In that environment, it’s the house (exchange) that wins either way." - Lyn Alden

Continuing with yesterday's amazing piece to finish it out today, from Lyn Alden's investment blog on the analysis of Proof-of-stake as a consensus mechanism, and the centralizing risk posed by DeFi and stablecoins. Don't miss the conclusion to this incredible piece, with a Guy's Take to follow on the difference between Crypto 7 Bitcoin, and how to frame what is happening in the ecosystem.

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