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Your biggest fans want your podcast to grow just as much as you do. With Fountain they now have the tools.
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Gain new listeners through clips, comments and playlists

Podcasters are led to believe that they must put as many hours into marketing as they do into production. It's no surprise that 90% of podcasts don't make it past episode 3. Fountain gives you and your listeners a suite of powerful tools to spread the word. All social activity in Fountain helps your content reach new audiences so that you can grow faster without working harder.
Get your fans to share their favourite moments using our clipping tool
Conversations about your podcast get surfaced in the home feed
Get your content featured in playlists curated by Fountain listeners

Convert your biggest fans into supporters

Earning a meaningful income from ads or sponsors requires a lot of listeners. Managing a podcast subscription is a lot of extra work. Sending people to a website to set up a direct debit makes no sense. Fountain gives your listeners an easy way to show they support directly from their podcast player. Simple, frictionless, fun.
Start receiving comments from your fans with payments attached
Start getting paid for every minute that your fans spend listening
Share income from your podcast with co-hosts, guests and contributors

Get feedback on what your listeners love

Podcasts use downloads as a measure of success, but this metric alone doesn't tell you how engaged your audience really is. Most podcasters get very little feedback from listeners at all. Fountain brings you closer to your fans and makes the conversation flow. Spark discussions, hear what your listeners have to say and reward your ride or dies.
Like clips, comments and playlists from your listeners to say thanks
Respond to comments and allow your fans to chat amongst themselves
Check your stats and engage with your community from your browser

Getting started on Fountain is easy


Claim your podcast

Create an account, find your show and enter the email address in your RSS feed to start receiving payments. You can also add a split for your co-hosts and guests too.


Invite your audience

Share your Fountain links and insert a call-to-action in your podcast audio to ask your listeners to help you grow and show their support on Fountain.


Feel the love

Start seeing payments, comments and clips from your fans. You can check your latest activity, interact with listeners see your sats in the Fountain app.


Grow your show

The more active your community is, the more your podcast gets seen in the Fountain home feed and clips feed. You can also pay to promote you show in the feed.

Fountain powers the world's most influential podcasts

"Fountain has been an incredible tool for us at Rabbit Hole Recap. It enables us to create a better relationship with our audience and make the show more interactive, which adds a unique dynamic to the show and increases engagement. The best part is that we don't have to do anything. Fountain makes everything as seamless as possible"

Marty Bent
Host of Rabbit Hole Recap

"No other podcast app makes it easier to start getting paid for your content and experience a new kind of connection with your fans. One that rewards good work and encourages a healthy feedback cycle from listeners. I can't believe we haven't had this until now. We're thrilled with the audience and revenue growth we've seen since embracing Fountain."

Chris Fisher
Host on Jupiter Broadcasting

"Within six months of launching our podcast, we pivoted to solely promoting and engaging listeners on Fountain and immediately saw a dramatic uptick in downloads. Two years in and we have surpassed 300k downloads in over 30 countries. Fountain makes it possible for us to engage and reward our listeners for promoting our show through clips they make. This organic traction amplifies our visibility and continues to contribute to our steady growth."

Ian Reis
Host of Flirting With Bitcoin

Fountain's ultimate guide to growth, engagement and monetisation

Looking for a kickstart? We spoke to the top podcasters on Fountain and pulled together a cheatsheet for growth.
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