Basics_01 - Bitcoin... What is it?

Basics_01 - Bitcoin... What is it?

Bitcoin Audible

Sure, everyone tells me that bitcoin is a new technology. That it's magic money for the internet and tokens you can buy and stick in an app that will probably be worth more later. But seriously... what the hell does all of that mean? I get that Bitcoin is a thing, but 'What is it?'
Well let's get into it, with the first episode of Bitcoin Basics.

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"Bitcoin is peer to peer in every sense; it is so by design and it could not be any other way. As free and open source, it is peer-to-peer software; as consensus-driven software, it is a peer-to-peer protocol; as a censorship-resistant protocol, it is a peer-to-peer app; as a distributed app, it is a peer-to-peer network; as a communications network, it is a peer-to-peer language; and as a peaceful language, it is a peer-to-peer community." – Allen Farrington & Sacha Meyers. Bitcoin is Venice
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