Bitcoin monthly 0025 Privacy phones and whirlpool for apple fan girls.

Bitcoin monthly 0025 Privacy phones and whirlpool for apple fan girls.


In this episode we discus BlueWallet Shutting Down Custodial Lightning Wallet on April 30th and the need to Remove Funds ASAP. We talk about Seed signers new software release v0.6.0: and SeedSigner OS using a Custom Linux Operating System. Stack Wallet is the first Wallet to Support BIP47 on iOS and QNA doubles down on his 10,000 BTC whirlpool bet. We slag off Craig Raw and his work on Sparrow Wallet v1.7.3. RoninDojo Launches Privacy Phone: RoninMobile offering degoogled pixels running Calyx or graphene os. We also throw in some low grade banter and explain Antomouses absence. 


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Show Sponsor: Foundation Devices


Foundation builds Bitcoin-centric tools that empower you to reclaim your digital sovereignty.

As a sovereign computing company, Foundation is the antithesis of today’s tech conglomerates.

Returning to cypherpunk principles, they build open source technology that “can’t be evil,” 

that preserves your freedom and privacy by default.


Show Host: Max


Show Guest: Bitcoin Q&A


Shameful shill: antomousB


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