Pleb Miner Monthly EP 3 - Crypto cloaks Hashlight will satisfy you and some other bitcoin stuff

Pleb Miner Monthly EP 3 - Crypto cloaks Hashlight will satisfy you and some other bitcoin stuff


Pleb Miner Monthly 

Episode 3 

Show Notes


A Bitcoin mining podcast focused on the Pleb Miner, the stalwart that defends the Bitcoin Network. Listen and Boost the show on Fountain App 


Statistics by Lincoin Pool and Lincoin Lens

Jon M30s+ Tweet


Miners have a lot of choices in pools, payout schemes, monitoring, tools, UX, ease of use, etc. Pleb Miner Monthly chose to partner with Lincoin Pool because we liked the cut of their jib. There’s a family kind of atmosphere at Lincoin pool. 


What do you call a Hot Dog on wheels? Fast Food.


Bitesize Bitcoin by FixRigs

Hash Rate is going up, the Hash value is going up, and the Hal Finning is coming up in a year.

You want to have your machines ready to go for when the price pumps and you’re transitioning from low power mode to ludicrous speed. Be sure to keep your machines in tip-top, ready-to-deploy shape, by sending them to FixRigs. FixRigs is a premium repair facility located in Miami Florida. They are staffed with highly trained, technicians who are ready to diagnose, repair and clean your machine and get it sent back ASAP so you can get back to hashing.


Fix Rigs not only has highly qualified technicians and a state-of-the-art facility, but they are masters of logistics. They have you covered in all aspects of the repair process. 


Bitesize Bitcoin on Block Creation


The candidate block header fields are version number, previous block hash, the Merkle root of proposed transactions, timestamp, target for Proof of Work, and a nonce.


Action News! by Kaboomracks

Kaboomracks Alex is a great friend of the show and a Pleb Miner Month Founding Father, he’s also a great friend IRL. If you need mining gear or just have questions, he is the perfect person to reach. out to 

Nico Smid’s Bitcoin Mining Block Post

Ordinals, OOB transaction, and pools by Medi Naseri

Bitcoin Bassload’s Energy Market Update

Bitcoin Bugle Crypto-Cloaks launches new sex toy called the HashLight


Pleb Miner in the Wild by Peach Bitcoin

Peach Bitcoin launches open Beta March 6th 

Dirty Shotya

Dirty Shotya’s Geyser fund: One S9 running in the middle of NOWHERE


Special Thanks to Bitcoin Hat Guy for the limited edition Pleb Miner Skull hats visit him on his website to see his many other offerings. Bitcoin Hat Guy


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